Amanda Gorman- Poet Laureate...She Stole The Whole Damn Inauguration


Meet Amanda Gorman, the first ever US youth poet laureate and America's youngest inaugural poet. I don't know if you watched any of the inauguration but holy moly, Amanda was the highlight of yesterday's celebration for sure.... The whole day yesterday was amazing. The celebration, the hope, the feeling that it's finally time to move on from the last four years, just seeing all the pomp and circumstance was really cool (do we do that in Canada for our leaders?) and then we had Amanda Gorman, who recited a poem she wrote 'The Hill We Climb' and dazzled the world. Not only did she steal the show at the inauguration, but later on on CNN with Anderson Cooper, she left him and his panel speechless.... Check out her poem from the inauguration, her interview with Anderson and her TED talk from a while back ..... Just wow!!!!!