Forget's time to get behind the Whiskey Pod challenge!

scotch pods png

The folks at Glenlivet (or is it 'The Glenlivet'?) have taken the Tide Pod challenge and kicked it up a notch. Behold....whiskey pods!

That's right...booze in edible pods...just eliminate glass from the equation all together. Can you imagine the wonder that would be a Beer Pod? This is their description of the pod on youtube....

The Glenlivet, the original Speyside single malt, has partnered with sustainable packaging company Nootka and cocktail legend Alex Kratena to unveil a ‘Capsule Collection’ of glassless cocktails that break convention and redefine the way whisky is traditionally enjoyed.

Unfortunately, they're only being served in select bars in London, England for now. 

Might be time to start thinking about a visit to London town soon.