Tom Cruise Goes Off On An Amazing Rant


Okay we're obs in the middle of a pandemic so we should all be careful what we're doing and who we're doing these things around. The entire world has been shook, and that includes the entertainment industry. Movies will never be the same, and making movies right now is probably stressful as hell. So with all that, I get where TC is coming from in this rant. It almost sounds like your parents scolding you and your siblings after you guys caused some major havoc for hundredth time lol 


But is the TC rant better than Christian Bale from a few years ago? I think not.......This is from the set of Terminator Salvation and I honestly think that this is a rant for the ages. Like between the two, I definitely wouldn't want to mess with Bale that's for sure. Check out the rant from Bale, its extraordinary lol (also this is a re-enactment of the Christian Bale rant, the sound is all real though)