WATCH: Offspring Release New Video For 'Behind Your Walls'

offspringScreenshot 2022-05-06 190346

The Offspring just released a new music video for their song 'Behind The Walls'.... 



The music video director and animator Jeb Hardwick said this about the video:

"The song evoked a sense of a couple trying to connect through emotional barriers that had been building over time, I wanted to take that prompt and turn it into a dark fairytale, a sort of dystopian take on the classical storytelling structure of writers like the Brothers Grimm. I wanted the video to have an ambiguous dreamlike aesthetic to it, so I was keen to take away some of the sharpness and crispness usually associated with CGI and give a sense of it being somewhere between a moving painting and a 1920s German Expressionist film."

For more on this video by The Offspring click here.

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Chris Foord