Watch: ACDC W/ Axl Rose (full concert - 2016)


Things got a little bizarre in the AC/DC camp a few years ago; Sadley, Malcom Young was suffering from Dimentia and was completely out of the band, drummer Phil Rudd had just cleared his drug charges in New Zealand and singer Brian Johnson had hearing problems that at the time looked like he would have to retire. 

The AC/DC machine has pushed through rough times before and like before they decided to keep on track with their plans because the Rock or Bust tour must continue. Malcolm's older brother Steve has already taken over his part of guitar and backing vocals, Rudd's drug charges and death threats had been dealt with and Brian Johnson called it quits and AC/DC wasted no time in bringing in the legendary Guns N' Roses singer Axl Rose!

Critics laughed, many fans cringed and you know what? It worked! Axl proved he still had a great voice and didn't cause any fuss with his tardiness status from before. 

Now you can see and hear for yourself. AC/DC recently released their final show with AXL from Philadelphia in 2016.... Check it out below and feel free to crank it on your bluetooth or home stereo.

*Quick note, Brian Johnson got all fixed up and is back with the band and as for AXL, he's been busy touring with Guns N' Roses and is currently on a covid hiatus like everyone else. Malcolm Young passed away a few months after this show in 2017, he was 64 RiP. 


Chris Foord