WATCH: Envy Of None - Liar. (Alex Lifeson Of Rush Is In This Band)

envyofnoneScreenshot 2022-01-12 091942

Alex Lifeson is best known for being the guitar player of rock icons Rush, however since the passing of drummer Neil Peart the band has been in hiatus, perhaps for good. 

So Lifeson, a life long musician wanted to keep creating music and has teamed up with some other fine musicians and has formed the band Envy Of None.


The first single (above) is called liar and it's not Rush. However like Rush; a band that liked to push boundaries (remember the song Roll The Bones) Envy Of None takes Lifeson music into another journey of almost an alternative sound.

Envy Of None consist of Alex on guitar, Alf Annibalini - Guitar, Keyboards, Andy Curran - Bass Guitar and  Maiah Wynne on Lead Vocals.

Envy Of None's self titled album will be released on April 8th.


Chris Foord