Watch: Mammoth WVH - Distance (Acoustic)

wvhnbcScreenshot 2021-02-19 142921

Wolfgang Van Halen just played his 2nd gig with his band Mammoth WVH. Usually a bands 2nd gig is in some crusty old bar with 3 people watching. 

Not Wolfgang!

The son of the legendary Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang wrote and recorded his first album and then put a band together to play live. The 2nd gig was in front of a National American Audience on the NBC morning show 'Today.' Not bad for a 2nd gig, his first? Jimmy Kimmel last week on late night TV. (Our Reaper was all over that!)


Mammoth WVH performed Distance (a song about his late Father) again but this time he did it on an acoustic guitar. 

Check out the full version below. 

Mammoth WVH will release their self titled album on June 11th. 


Chris Foord