Which Side Of The Motley Crue X-Rated Concert Debate Do You Fall On?

motley crue

Motley Crue has always been the wild band. 

The band that made their career on sex, drugs & rock n roll.

I've seen them 7 times live now and there's a few things you can FOR SURE expect when seeing the Crue:

1) It's gonna be LOUD

2) They're going to swear and carry on - especially Tommy

3) You're gonna see some boobs. Maybe more, but at the very least you will see people take their tops off. It's this sort of feral energy that only comes with a band like the Crue.

Maybe not the best place for children.


With all that being said - people do have some different opinions on this news report that went viral about the 'inappropriate nature' of the band's stage show.

Check it out - what are your thoughts?