White Claw is Launching Watermelon and Raspberry Flavor in Canada Next Month


Okay… are you more excited about this than you should be? I’m like embarrassingly excited about this information!

If you’re anything like me, you’re the White Claw queen. This is a nickname you’ve given yourself but that’s okay, you’re rolling with it. Like, White Claw should sponsor you because it’s your favorite drink ever. It has this way of making you feel a certain something once you start to drink them… like the way tequila does. It just sets you up for a good time.

If you’re a White Claw queen, then you already know the flavors that currently exist. We’ve got black cherry, mango, lime and grapefruit. We all know that black cherry and mango are the superior flavors… until now.

White Claw has announced that they’re rolling out TWO NEW flavors, and unlike the way it usually works, they’re actually going to be in Canada too. Three cheers for two new flavors! They’re saying the flavors are going to be watermelon and raspberry. So basically we’re going to spend the entire summer listening to Harry Styles’ Water Melon Sugar, screaming the lyrics and slugging back water melon claws, baby!

Apparently they’ll be on the shelves by next month, just as the weather gets nicer. White Claws are like the signature drink of COVID life and hopefully with the positive news of two new flavors comes with  a level up in regard to the quality of our lives!

When White Claws first came out in Canada, it was a fight to the death at the shelves of liquor store… so I can only imagine this will start as a challenge but eventually we’ll all get to try the delightful beverages that are white claw watermelon and white claw raspberry!