Woody Harrelson writes a poem for his Baby Lookalike!


When you have a baby, there's a LOT you're not prepared for. No one can fully warn you for the sleep deprivation you'll face and the amount of gross things you'll encounter on a daily basis. But something you're also not expecting is how much time people spend trying to decide who your baby looks like! "Hmmm, I think he looks like you!" "Oh my goodness, she is a spitting image of her dad!" "I can kind of see a bit of great-uncle Terry and a bit of our second cousin Sharla". ALL THE COMPARISONS!

However, this couple in Ireland was probably a little taken aback when a friend pointed out just how much their baby looked like actor Woody Harrelson! Danielle Grier Mulvenna tweeted a photo of her nine-month-old daughter Cora grinning alongside a photo of Harry Harrelson and his signature smile. 




The tweet went SUPER viral and a ton of people agreed that this was indeed Woody's doppleganger. But the best response came from Harrelson himself, who posted to side by side to his Instagram along with a poem! 



You just KNOW a meeting of these families is on the horizon for a live, in person shot of these two adorable beings and we can't WAIT!