Caring for Kids - April 2021

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Travis Overton had 8 surgeries in under a year during a global pandemic. Not an ideal way for a 15-year-old to spend any year, let alone a challenging one like 2020.


Since 11 years of age, Travis experienced trouble breathing, which can usually be attributed to a cold or allergies. But upon discovery that he had a polyp inside his nostril, a procedure to remove it revealed that the congestion was a result of something much worse - a larger tumour growing rapidly in several areas of his face and sinuses.



Surgeries at the Children’s Hospital were scheduled for March, but were suddenly pushed back to June as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. The resulting restrictions made it difficult for Travis’s mom, Sarah, to visit him during his stay. But she was comforted in knowing that Travis was getting the best possible care. Remote monitoring equipment kept track of his vitals, while nurses made regular check-ins.


Eight surgeries later, Travis is now living tumour-free.



Donations to the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba through our ‘Caring For Kids’ program can help to ensure quality care for children like Travis continues, using cutting edge technology and procedures.


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