A dolphin and beluga whale have died at Marineland

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A dolphin and beluga whale have died at Marineland.

Autopsies are taking place on the 26-year-old dolphin, and 28-year-old Beluga Whale, which died last week.

The average life span of a beluga whale is 35-50 years, while some female dolphins can live up to 60 years.

The World Animal Protection group says the recent deaths are disturbing and the Ontario government needs to take immediate action and investigate the park.

The park's popular Killer Whale, Kiska, died at the facility less than two months ago.

Kiska became known as 'the world's loneliest orca'. 

The park is set to open for another season on May 20th, however park officials are working with a lawyer who has approached the Ontario government with intentions to eventually sell.

“It’s deeply disturbing to hear reports that a beluga whale and dolphin are the latest animals to die at Marineland,” said Michèle Hamers, World Animal Protection’s Wildlife Campaign Manager. “It raises many questions around the state of care and reinforces ongoing concerns around the wellbeing of the rest of the animals at the facility.”

“Given the high number of animal deaths and Marineland’s poor track record, the Province should conduct a comprehensive investigation into the cause of death and the conditions the remaining animals are kept in,” added Hamers.