Budget night in Niagara sees committee approve $177.9M police spending plan in principle

budget meeting

It was budget night in Niagara with budget review committee members trying to nail down the 2023 budget in a five-hour meeting.

The Niagara Regional Police Service was up first with Chief Bryan MacCulloch asking council for a 5.7% increase to hire more officers, cover wage increases to current officers, and the cost of fuel.

"When we bring forward a budget request, we are not playing a negotiating game, we are not over asking so we end up getting something smaller. What we ask for is what we need to adequately and effectively police our community."

Council eventually approved the $177.9 million dollar police budget in principle, however adding that any surplus funds from 2022 be applied to lower it.

Niagara Regional Housing had their budget approved in principle as well, and the NPCA also appeared before council last night.

The next budget meeting will be next month, on Feb. 9th.

The final budget draft will need to be approved by Niagara Regional Council.

You can watch the entire meeting by clicking here.