COVID-19 is sticky, but regular soap is its main enemy: Germ Guy


How long can coronavirus live on a surface?

According to the 'Germ Guy' only about half a day.

Jason Tetro who has worked on COVID-19 in labs, joined CKTB's Tom McConnell, saying once the virus dries, it degrades quickly.

He says under perfect lab conditions the virus can live days, but for the most part the virus loses it potency quickly and is almost not a threat after a few hours unless you are licking an infected surface.

Tetro says they refer to COVID-19 as an 'envelope' because it is surrounded by a shell of fat.

He says coronavirus is much like grease, so it will stick to many things, but it also washes off easily with soap.

He says regular dish soap and water are enough to disinfect food items you bring home.

Tetro is the author of “The Germ Code”, “The Germ Files”, and Host of the Super Awesome Science Show.