Crown alleges Jacob Hoggard is 'sexual opportunist' who didn't take no for an answer

jacob cp 2

Prosecutors allege Canadian musician Jacob Hoggard is a ``sexual opportunist'' who felt entitled to satisfy his particular sexual preferences over the objections of a teenage fan and a young woman.

In her closing arguments at the singer's sex assault trial, Crown attorney Jill Witkin noted Hoggard testified he was confident both complainants consented to their sexual encounters in the fall of 2016, but couldn't say how they expressed that consent and had no detailed memories of what happened.

Witkin also highlighted a number of similarities in the accounts brought by the complainants -- two women who have never met or spoken with each other -- saying they show a pattern in Hoggard's behaviour.

Earlier today, Hoggard's lawyers told the jury the musician may have been cavalier and disrespectful towards women, but he is not a ``sadistic serial rapist.''

Defence lawyer Megan Savard painted her client as an insecure, attention-starved rock star who routinely succumbed to the temptation and easy validation of one-night stands over more than a decade of touring with the band Hedley, even when in a relationship.

But she said Hoggard did not rape the two complainants in the case, one of whom was 16 at the time.