Ford asking people to be kind to staff asking for proof-of-vaccination, saying it's temporary

doug ford sept 22

Premier Doug Ford has appeared for a live news conference to talk about Ontario's new vaccine certificate program.

The program, which came into effect today, applies to anyone who wants to eat inside a restaurant or get into nightclubs, gyms, casinos, sports facilities and other venues.

Ford is encouraging everyone to respect the new program, saying -- quote -- ``we owe it to our businesses to do everything we can to avoid lockdowns.''    

He is asking people to be kind and patient with businesses asking for vaccine proof, saying they are just following the rules.

There are penalties for non-compliance but Ford says enforcement will take an educational approach at first.

The premier says the ``exceptional'' measure won't be in place for longer than necessary, although he did not provide a specific date for when it might end.

Ford says he's also having discussions with the province's top doctor about the possibility of increasing capacity limits for businesses that must now abide by the policy.

(with files from the Canadian Press)