Fundraising campaign to replace Harriet Tubman statue well on its way

harriet tubman go fund me pic

A fundraising campaign to replace the damaged Harriet Tubman statue in St. Catharines is well on its way.

So far $7000 of the $13000 needed to replace the statue at the Salem Chapel, BME Church has been raised.

The bust of Tubman was vandalized on October 10th, and a man has been arrested.

Church Historian Rochelle Bush tells CKTB's Tom McConnell she is happy to pass the halfway mark in the fundraising campaign.

Bush says she has contacted the original artist in France, who created the first one, and he has agreed to create a new one in bronze.

"God forbid this happens again, but if the statue is toppled in bronze, it will be fine."

The original statue was created in speciality cement.

The same artist created a bronze statue in front of Harriet Tubman school.