Health Canada issues warning about water beads

water beads

Health Canada is out with a warning about the risks of water beads.

The tiny beads are made of a gel that absorbs water, and can grow up to 1,500 times their size.

Officials say the beads might be inside products in your home that children use or could reach, such as toys, art kits, stress balls, foot baths, vase fillers, and gardening products.

They say if swallowed they can be very harmful, as they can continue to grow inside the body leading to potentially life-threatening injuries, such as intestinal or bowel obstruction.

"Keep water beads and products containing them out of sight and out of reach from children. If you suspect that your child has swallowed a water bead, call the Canadian Poison Centre hotline at 1-844-POISON-X (or 1-844-764-7669)."