Man riding over 230 km to raise awareness for Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell registry

CKTB - NEWS - Brad Adams

A man is planning to ride his horse over 230 km to raise awareness for the Canadian Blood Services Stem Cell registry.

Brad Adams started his 10 day journey by riding along Highway 3 and Wainfleet Dunnville Townline Road yesterday.

Over the next few days he will ride through Tillsonburg and Port Dover before eventually reaching his destination at the Caledonia fairgrounds.

Today he will be travelling along Highway 3 and Hald-Dunn Townline Road West through Dunnville.

Adams is doing this in support of his wife Shannon who is fighting Plasma Cell Leukaemia Multiple Myeloma.

He says over 800 people are waiting for a life saving match and stem cell donor.

In a Facebook post he notes a transplant is no longer an option for Shannon, but they want to bring attention to the cause for other people in similar situations.

To learn more about stem cell donation, go to


Adams has listed his planned route:

May 5 - Hwy 3 and Wainfleet Dunnville Townline Rd to Dunnville. Left on Chestnut St, Right on Lock St, left on Queen St, Right on Main St, Right on John St, left on Broad St and past Dunnville Hospital. Left on George St then Hwy 3 to Hald-Dunnville Townline Rd.

May 6 - Hwy 3 and Hald-Dunn Townline Rd. West through Dunnville to Balmoral

May 7 - Hwy 3 at Cheapside Rd, west through Jarvis to Renton

May 8 - Hwy 3 at Renton, West to Simcoe, left on Hwy 24, right on Robinson St, left on Talbot St S, right on West St to Norfolk General Hospital. Continue west on West St, right on Hillcrest, left on Hwy 3 West to the Delhi German Home.

May 9 - Hwy 3 Delhi German Home, west through Courtland to Tillsonburg, right onto Simcoe St, right on Broadway, left on Venison st, right on Rolph St to Tillsonburg District Memorial Hospital.

May 10 - Zehrs Tillsonburg, left on simcoe St, left Hwy 3 East, right on Jackson Sideroad, left on Middleton-North Walsingham Townline Rd, right on Hwy 59 to Walsingham.

May 11 - Horses Rest Day

May 12 - Walsingham south to left Front Rd/Lakeshore Rd, right on Wolven St, continue Front rd East, left on Townline St / RR16, east to Turkey Point Rd.

May 13 - Turkey Point Rd, east on Front Rd, through Normandale, left on Spooky Hollow Rd, right on Front Rd, left on Commercial Rd/57, left on King St N/57, take Port Ryerse Rd, right on Radical Rd, left on Blueline Rd, right on Norfolk County Hwy 6, main st to Harbour St. Port Dover

May 14 - Port Dover Harbour St, North on Hwy 6 to Hagersville, right on Parkview Rd to West Haldimand General Hospital .

May 15 - Hwy 6 and Parkview Rd, south on Hwy 6 through Hagersville, through Caledonia, right on Caithness St and finishing at the Caledonia Fairgrounds.