Meteor spotted from southern Ontario and parts of the US

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If you noticed a red streak of light in the sky yesterday, you're not alone.

A meteor travelling about 100,000 km an hour fell into earth's atmosphere yesterday afternoon.

The bright light was visible throughout parts of southern Ontario and the US around  noon.

An EarthCam camera facing the CN tower caught the moment.

Scientists are still trying to determine the size of the meteor and whether any fragments made it to the ground.

The American Meteor Society has received 151 reports so far about the fireball.

Is it a bird? 🐦 Is it a plane? ✈️ Is it a meteor? ☄️
At the same moment in time, our cameras that face the CN tower in Toronto caught this object. We're not sure what it is or whether it is related. Follow the red circle and you tell us! Comment below! @TourCNTower

— EarthCam (@EarthCam) December 2, 2020