Missing lizard found inside desk at Little Rays in Hamilton after two months on the lam


A lost and found lizard in Hamilton is getting lots of love today after going missing for two months.

Little Ray's Reptile Zoo in Hamilton says Markhor, the Nile Monitor lizard, has been found safe inside the zoo.

The zoo reported the African lizard missing on June 19th after he escaped during a habitat cleaning.

Little Ray's appealed to the public to help find the missing lizard.

"He has been found safe and sound, hiding in the zoo this entire time!"

Kevin Dungey, Director of Little Ray's says he is very embarrassed, but extremely happy.

Markhor was found hiding inside a desk inside the zoo.

The general manager of the zoo had heard some scratching under the desk, and workers pulled off some panels to make the discovery.

The lizard is hungry, but in good health.