Olympian with ties to St. Catharines helps team to gold medal win

CKTB - NEWS - Kristen Kit

A woman with ties to St. Catharines is an Olympic gold medallist.

Kristen Kit was part of the rowing women's eight team that captured the gold medal at the Tokyo Games last night.

The team beat the second place New Zealand crew by 0.91 of a second.

This is Canada's fifth Olympic medal in this event in the last eight Games.

Canada now has three gold medals, three silver, and five bronze at the Tokyo Games.

Kit was born in St. Catharines, but currently lives in BC.

She began rowing in 2002 while living in St. Catharines after her grandfather was the teacher advisor who started the rowing team at her high school when she was in Grade 9.

Another athlete with ties to St. Catharines is set to compete today: Mohammed Ahmed runs the 10,000 metre at 7:30 a.m.