Report shows some Canadians plan to dine out more often, but many fail to show up for reservations

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Almost 30 percent of Canadians are planning to eat out more frequently than they did pre-pandemic, but some diners are failing to show up for reservations.

In a new survey from OpenTable, the leading reason for wanting to visit restaurants more often was supporting local businesses.

The report also lists 55 percent of respondents looking for a change of scenery and 40 percent just looking to take a break from cooking at home.

As Canadians are eager to return to their favourite eateries, OpenTable is launching a new campaign called 'Show Up For Restaurants.'

OpenTable officials say 1 in 10 diners have made reservations at a restaurant, but never actually showed up, resulting in lost revenue for the business.

The organization is adding new tools allowing restaurants to label a diner as a potential no-show based on missing previous reservations and will be implementing a 'Four Strikes and You're Out' policy stating anyone who doesn't show up for a reservation four times in one year would be suspended from using the OpenTable app services.