St. Catharines now home to two Community Fridges helping feed those in need


At least ten people a day are using a community fridge in St. Catharines at the Lincoln County Humane Society.

Executive Director at the animal shelter on Fourth Ave., Kevin Strooband tells CKTB it's refreshing to see the service being used by residents in need.

"Everybody asks, is someone going to take all the food, is someone going to cause damage, well those things haven't materialized. We've had at least ten people coming through each day. Some take a few things, some take a few bags. It's been really good."

Community Fridges are for anyone who needs food, to take what they need.  

"We have a large, double glass doored fridge in a new room we built, out of a former cat gazebo. The insulated room is also equipped with 2 pantries to hold dry goods and some limited amounts of toiletries and hygiene products. "

Community Fridges have been around for several years, beginning in Germany and Sweden in 2012 and now several exist in many countries and across Canada including one in Hamilton and eight in Toronto.

There are now two in Niagara, with a new one now being run by Covenant Christian Reformed Church in St. Catharines.

The fridge at 649 Bunting Street near Lakeshore has seen many people accessing the service.

The church posted pictures of almost empty shelves with this message on August 2nd:

"Food is flying off the fridge shelves faster than we can stock it! The food on the shelves yesterday is gone! Highest need dairy: milk, non dairy milk, butter, margarine, yogurt and cheese. If you are able to leave items today it would be much appreciated. (649 Bunting St. near Lakeshore) The need in our neighbourhood is proving to be great and our fridge a success! Please help us keep a steady supply for our neighbours."