Victim of racist prank offered full four year post secondary scholarship


A young man who was the subject of a racist prank that saw his high school yearbook tribute to his grandmother replaced with a racist slur is receiving a lot of love.

Joshua Telemaque had submitted a yearbook message honouring his late grandmother for guiding him through his four years of high school at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School in Pickering. 

However, when he got his copy of the yearbook last week, he was shocked to discover that the message next to his picture had been replaced with a racist phrase referencing a gorilla that was shot at a Cincinnati zoo.

His aunt took to Facebook to highlight the racist incident, sparking an outcry as well as an outpouring of support.

Yesterday, some of Torontos top athletes and broadcasters sent messages for his 18th birthday.

But the icing on the cake, was announced by Mike Hogan of the Toronto Argonauts, who stood outside Telemaque’s home to tell him that the Pinball Clemons Foundation is offering him a full four-year scholarship to a Canadian university or college of his choice.

Telemaque says “I'm so appreciative, so grateful for this. It just touched my heart. It's special to me, it means the world to me right now.”