Welland working on getting to 5% of roads that haven't been cleared of snow, and sidewalks

snow welland istock

The City of Welland says it has cleared 95 percent of roads following a massive snow storm yesterday.

The city says it has roughly 595 km of paved roads to clear in total, and crews worked through the night.

“I know some residents are frustrated that their road wasn’t plowed as quickly as they’d like, but our crews have been working around the clock,” said Steve Zorbas, CAO. “When this much snow falls in such a short period, it can delay things, but we are steadily making our way through the city.”

Officials say because of the 50-60 cm of snow, residents should pile it on the right side (looking towards the street) to reduce the amount of snow pushed back into the driveway.

Sidewalk clearing remains a slow process due to volume, and crews will continue to work away on them.

If a street remains uncleared, residents can call the public works department at 905 735-1700 x 3000.