You will still need to wear a mask at the dentist in Ontario

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If you are wondering if your dentist will still be wearing a mask, or if you still need to wear one---the answer is yes.

The Ontario Dental Association says enhanced safety measures, including mask wearing, will stay in place for now.

Fonthill dentist, Peter Fritz, tells CKTB as a health care setting, not a lot will change inside the office, even as the government drops many public health measures.

"Dentists have always been experts in infection control. Our strategy is to ensure safety."

The Dental Association says they have been working hard to keep patients protected at their appointments throughout the pandemic and no known cases of COVID-19 have been linked to treatment at an Ontario dental office. 

Dr. Fritz says people have been delaying dental treatment over the pandemic, and patients should come back to the dentist to ensure their teeth and mouths in general are healthy.

He says he has never seen more fractured teeth with people grinding teeth due to stress.

He is also seeing an increased number of oral cancer cases, saying people are smoking and drinking more over the pandemic.