TSN 1040 - Donnie Taylor 2018

Don Taylor


Here’s a new one: A frustrated athlete-turned sportscaster. Loved hockey, loved lacrosse, loved football…pathetic at all of ‘em. As a result, Don Taylor went into a shell. Literally.  At the age of seven, he found a large clamshell on a Stanley Park beach and lived inside of it for several months. To this day, the combination of lemon juice and butter makes him nervous.

However, his love for sports endured. Don turned to broadcasting with the hopes of becoming a sports reporter. He attended Phil Swenson’s Jock Talk College. From there it was on to local television and radio in Red Deer and then Vancouver. Now Taylor, synonymous with sports in Vancouver, has covered all aspects of the local sports scene for over 20 years, on both television and radio.   After a long career as anchor of Rogers Sportsnet Pacific’s top-rated Sportsnet News program, Don Taylor made the move to radio full time in September 2014.