Jess Williams - EZ Rock / Pure Country BC North



Hi, I’m Jess!

Topics you can expect to hear on my show are:

*Almost anything others might have a difficult time discussing
*Me laughing hysterically (mostly due to stories surrounding good old idiocy) 
*Corny jokes

I have lived in 3 provinces and keep debating on whether I should make it 4. For fun I enjoy going to a concert or music festivals. I’m also a person who really enjoys going to the movie theatre alone. You should do it at least once. I online shop WAY more than I should. Do you know anyone who needs 53 sweaters? They are beautiful, though—no regrets!

Last year I made the shocking (and truly devastating) discovery that I have a gluten and dairy intolerance. It doesn’t help that I’m a vegetarian, so the option of eating tasty foods are rapidly decreasing. Not to mention foods I dislike are: Any kind of melons, mushrooms, grapefruit, carrots, radish, mangoes & corn. There are most likely some items missing, but you get it!