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Born and raised in Montreal Lisa got her start in 1988 in a most unlikely place, a taxi garage! Yup, Promac Garage in Parc Extension, Barry Hired her do oil changes and minor maintenance on Saturdays. You see Lisa is the daughter of a “cabbie” and dad asked Barry to give her a shot, which he did. That’s where humble first steps were made that paved the way to a life time of automotive passion. (And yes a soft spot for “cabbies”).

Moving on from Barry’s taxi garage Lisa hit the road. She started extra training with Bear Automotive out of Ottawa. 6 months of greyhound commuting twice a month while working in a garage was great. For the next ten years, Lisa traveled from one garage to the next, making a few interesting pit stops to work as an Adult Education mechanic teacher and becoming a diagnostic specialist with Carquest Auto parts. Always looking for a challenge in the automotive field Lisa spent several years working for Corp-Rate fleet management as their maintenance control manager.

Always true to the business and honest to a fault Lisa kept in touch with her roots, and the taxi business. That’s where she re acquainted herself with now mechanic husband, Vito. (Yes she wore her garage work boots under her wedding dress) Nine years and two kids later, you can imagine what it’s like when two mechanics fight over who gets to use the garage.

A bubbly personality, a lifetime of passion for the automotive industry and the experience of working on the “bench” for 20 years, that’s what Lisa brings to the table each week on the CJAD Carshow. So if your car repair bills are getting out of hand, pick up the phone, she's waiting for your call.