Nathan Carr

Nathan Carr


Hey! It's me, Nathan Carr! 

The constant answer to the question "Who's making all that noise?" It's not that I'm trying to be loud, my voice just carries. It is my gift and also my curse.
I'm super stoked to be part of the team here at Pure Country 89 as part of the Bobby Bones Show. 

Born and raised in Windsor-Essex, (Amherstburg if you want to get specific) I couldn't be more proud to be waking up with this community on weekday mornings.

Here are some fast facts about me: 
My age is 30 something, I'm done keeping track. 
I'm married and became a father in August 2020.
Craft beer enthusiast, video game nerd, and a big fan of watching way too many TV shows.

My first job was a golf caddie at Sutton Creek followed by an epic run as a Naples Pizza delivery driver.
I'm not very handy but with a set of an instructions I'm a wizard and putting things together. Consider reaching out to me before your next IKEA project ruins your relationship.
Also, sometimes I just start rambling and don't know when to stop talking.

Am I doing it now? 
I think I'm doing it now.
It reminds me of the last time I wrote one of these webpage biographies. I guess that would have been back in the year....
I'm kidding. Come join me on air. Laugh with me or at me. We could all use more smiles.


Much love,