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I started doing radio when I was 19 in New Brunswick. After that, I did radio in the states for 5 years, then moved west to BC.. And now, Edmonton. I love Edmonton. People are great and everybody is rich from something they call oil.

The number one thing people say when they meet me is "I thought you'd be older and fatter." Then, followed by, "Where is Gillian?"... followed by, "It should be called the Yukon Jack show." I'm lucky to be surrounded by very talented people. I always say - I'm the most-successful least-talented broadcaster in the biz. When I started in radio I didn't think it would last for more than a month. That was twelve years ago. You know, that feeling has never gone away. Here's a quote that I think sums up my radio and comedy career: "Eighty percent of success is showing up." - Woody Allen