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Tommy received a BA from McGill University and a Bachelor of Journalism degree from Carleton University yet steadfastly maintains that he was not harmed by either experience.

He is the author of a book on Quebec politics entitled Canada is not a Real Country and a book on interviewing skills called Are We On Yet? For more than 15 years, he wrote a daily entertainment column for the Montreal Gazette. Tommy may be the only journalist in history who ever attended a Saint Andrew's Ball and asked if the haggis was kosher.

Tommy’s last foray into the theatre involved playing the part of the burglar in the British comedy Noises Off at the Centaur Theatre. By the way, he was performing in eight shows a week, writing a daily newspaper column, and hosting a daily three-hour radio show... and he still had time to check out the latest show at Foufounes Electriques. 

Having started in radio reviewing movies and plays on CHOM, Tommy has been the host of his own highly rated daily talk show at CJAD since 1996. TV anchor Leslie Roberts once described Tommy as "Rush Limbaugh with a heart."

What else?

- Tommy once worked as night porter at the Blakes Hotel in London, England where Alice Cooper asked him where he could find a live chicken for his pet snake.
- When working as an information officer for the federal Minister of Transport, Tommy received a bonus for coining the phrase "conveniently located only 34 miles from downtown Montreal."
- Tommy won a Gold Ribbon broadcasting award for a program he co-hosted with Gilles Proulx at Magnan's Tavern.
- He played the part of Orchestra Conductor James Levine in a horrible sci-fi comedy starring Leslie Nielsen (title withheld).
- Tommy once co-hosted a cross-country radio talk show with former Prime Minister Kim Campbell.
- Considered by many to be very opinionated, he mellows somewhat when enjoying a vodka martini at Chops on Queen Mary. (Very dry, lots of olives.)
- Meryl Streep stepped on his foot when he was checking in at the Beverly Hills Hotel to cover the Academy Awards.
- If he wins $50 million in a lottery, Tommy will probably broadcast his show from a modest townhouse in the Gramercy Park area of Manhattan.
- Like everyone else in the world, he is currently working on a novel.