BREAKING | New limits on social gatherings in Toronto, Peel and Ottawa

ford thursday

Premier Doug Ford has announced new restrictions on social gatherings in Toronto, Peel and Ottawa.

Due to an increase in cases in the areas, Ford says indoor gathering limits will now be 10, and outdoor limits will be set at 25 people.

The rules come into effect tomorrow.

The change will only affect Toronto, Peel Region, and Ottawa, and will not apply to businesses like restaurants, movie theatres, or banquet halls.

He also says there is a minimum fine of $10,000 for organizers/host of social gatherings. 

People caught attending face fine $750. 

"We will throw the book at you if you break the rules," Ford said. "They must be a few fries short of a happy meal, these people."

Ontario reported 293 new cases of COVID-19 and three new deaths related to the virus this morning.