Canada mourns lives lost in Ukraine Airlines crash outside Tehran

CKTB - NEWS - Tehran

Few answers have surfaced about why a Ukraine Airlines flight crashed in Iran, but we are learning more about the Canadians on board.

Everyone on the plane was killed when it crash shortly after takeoff outside Tehran yesterday morning, including more than 60 Canadians.

McMaster University has announced at least three people who studied at the school are thought to be among the dead: graduate students Iman Aghabali and Mehdi Eshaghian and a former postdoctoral fellow, Siavash Maghsoudlou Estarabadi.

It's also believed 4 students from Western, 3 from the University of Windsor, and 2 each from Guelph, Carleton, and the University of Waterloo were on the flight.

A family of three from Ajax, including a one year old baby girl, were also on board when the plane went down.

The Prime Minister says 138 of the 176 passengers on board the plane were supposed to make connecting flights to Canada in Kyiv.

Ukrainian officials are considering a missile strike or terrorism as possible theories for what caused the crash.