Father at centre of Amber Alert spotted in Niagara driving a red car

amber car and ian

The search continues for five children who may have been abducted from the Niagara Region by their father.

Police believe Evalyn, Mattias, Sovereing, Eska, and Magnus were taken from their home in the Jordan area by their father.

Officials say Ian MacDermid was spotted yesterday afternoon around 5 p.m in the Niagara Region driving a red Toyota Camry, but the kids were not with him.

The vehicle is described as a 2002, red 4-door Toyota Camry with Ontario Licence marker CJMB 976. 

Officials believe the possible abduction happened between September 19th and the 25th.

An Amber Alert issued yesterday afternoon expired after 5 hours.

Police say they don't want the alert to become 'grey noise' but the police service will continue to push for information.