Premier comments on growing number of COVID-19 cases among 20 somethings

Ford 3 _CTV

Concerns over the growing number of COVID 19 cases in people in their 20's

In Hamilton, people aged 20-24 have made up 44 percent of new cases since mid month.

Yesterday Ontario recorded 216 more cases and 10 more deaths and among the fatalities, a person under the age of 20, although officials say there were underlying factors.

The Premier says there is something that happens in the summer.

Doug Ford noting yesterday, "everyone seems responsible, but you get a few cold pops in you, you start going wild."

Experts in the U.S. say its a growing problem there as well, with people under 30 representing the majority of cases in parts of Texas and even in Florida, the average age of patients has gone from in the 60's to 37.