Spike in global cases of COVID-19

COVID 19-metamorworks

A frustrating day in the fight against the coronavirus.

Yesterday, the world experienced the highest 1-day increase since the outbreak began with 106,000 new cases.

This comes as we begin to relax restrictions.

Hard hit Quebec will begin allowing residents to host outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people, from a maximum of three families, as along as they keep two metres apart.

B.C. indicated yesterday it was considering lifting the requirement that  anyone who travels to another province self isolate for two weeks when they return.

At the same time, citing the need to prevent a second wave of the virus, our country's chief public health officer is recommending everyone wear a face mask in public, when it is not possible to socially distance.

But Dr. Theresa Tham is also acknowledging for some people with health conditions, such as asthma, wearing a mask is not possible.