Troubling details emerge over 4 year old's death at Rattlesnake

CKTB - News - Keira Kagan

More details are unfolding following the tragic deaths of a little girl and her biological father Sunday at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area in Milton, Ontario.

Toronto Sun Reporter Joe Warmington posted a video on twitter of the 4 year old girl's apparent step-father, Phil Viater, saying they begged a family court judge not to allow the girl unsupervised visits with her father.



He says he and Keira’s mom Dr. Jennifer Kagan warned authorities that the four year old was at risk.

Viater says they were in court on January 28th begging the judge to do something saying the father's behaviour was escalating.

Viater says he dropped Keira off with her father on Friday night.

She was to spend the weekend.

The two went to Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area and were expected home by 5:30pm on Sunday.

Police received a call around 7:30pm when they did not return. 

Halton Regional Police say they had suffered injuries consistent with a fall and are not considered homicides at this point.

Police launched an extensive search last night after they received word that the man and his young daughter had not returned from an afternoon hike.

They say post-mortem examinations will be conducted as the investigation continues.