The Ride for Hope lottery will have their first 50/50 draw back on Thursday, April 1st.You can get your tickets now at: A&A Enterprise in Drummond, Kozy Bar in Grand Falls, Jean Coutu in Grand Falls, Lyne's Corner Restaurant in Drummond and the Blue Bell Quick store. You can also pay by e-transfer by emailing For more information, visit the facebook group Fundraiser Ride for Hope.
  • Chase the Ace in support of the Grand Falls Regional Potato Festival

    Grand Falls Regional Potato Festival Chase The Ace is back!! Weekly draw happens Thursdays at 7:30 pm, in a LIVE video on the Potato Festival's Facebook page. Tickets are now available at all the participating retailers. For more information, visit the Potato Festival's Facebook page.
  • GFFD Lottery

    For safety concerns for the public as well as their members, the Grand Falls Fire Department’s weekly lotto will be suspended until such a time that we return to the ‘Orange’ or 'Yellow' phase. If you had paid in advance, three weeks as an example, your weeks will be moved ahead when they re-start. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 479-1616. Thank you, and thanks for your continued support!
  • Grand Falls Rotary Club 50/50

    The Grand Falls Rotary Club 50/50 Lottery is back!! Weekly draw happens every Tuesday. For the full list of locations, visit Rotary Club of Grand Falls on facebook.
  • Animalotto Mad-Vic 50/50

    The Animalotto Mad-Vic 50/50 are happy to announce that they are back! All proceeds support Refuge Madawaska Shelter and Valley SPCA. Weekly draw happens Thursdays at 6:30 pm, LIVE on the lottery's Facebook page. If you would like to know where you are with your weeks, please send a message on the ANIMALOTTO MAD-VIC Facebook page with your membership number and a volunteer will respond. Tickets are $2 a week and are available from Valley SPCA members or at any of the participating retailers. Must be 19 or older to play. Thank you for your support! For more info, visit Animalotto Mad-Vic on facebook.
  • Grand Falls Rapids 50/50 Raffle

    The Grand Falls Rapids are all about winning on the ice!! Now, they’re giving you the chance to win!! The Rapids have a 50/50 draw every Wednesday evening!! Cost to play is just two dollars a week. The pot goes up every weekly!! Can’t win if you don’t play!! Get in on the Grand Falls Rapids 50/50 draw!! Get your tickets now at Although their hockey season had to be cut short, our Rapids raffle fundraiser is still on and will continue throughout the year. For many organizations, this year has brought on financial challenges. The Rapids organization are no exception to that. Now more than ever, the team needs your support to ensure our team’s prosperity for years to come! All proceeds go to the Billet and Education programs for Rapids players. Get more information by following Grand Falls Rapids on Facebook!!
  • Tides and Tables

    Join CTV, and our seafood industry partners, as we present a series focused on the taste, tradition, and technology found within our coastal economy.