Applications open for Indian day-schools compensation


A long-awaited program to provide financial compensation to survivors of Canada's Indian day schools is now open for applications.

Under the terms of the settlement, survivors can apply for individual compensation for harms linked to attending one of the federally run institutions.

Nearly 200,000 Indigenous children attended more than 700 Indian day schools beginning in the 1920s, often enduring trauma that in some cases included physical and sexual abuse.

Crown-Indigenous Relations expects thousands of Indigenous people from across Canada will be eligible to receive federal cash from this settlement.

All eligible survivors will receive a minimum of $10,000 in individual compensation, while those who experienced more severe cases of abuse will be eligible for additional money.

The settlement agreement, which was approved by the Federal Court last August, also provides $200 million for community-based projects to support things like commemoration, health and wellness programs, ``truth-telling'' events and efforts to restore and preserve Indigenous languages and culture.