Harry and Meghan can 'let their hair down' in Canada, says Monarchist League


A Canadian monarchist says Prince Harry and Meghan's part-time move to Canada marks the first time in recent history that the royals will maintain a regular presence in the country.

Queen Elizabeth II granted her seal of approval in a statement Monday to the plan that will see the Duke and Duchess of Sussex split their time between Canada and the U.K. during a ``period of transition.''

The chairman of the Monarchist League of Canada says Canada is a natural fit for the young royals, allowing them to maintain their connection to the Crown while affording them the freedom to ``let their hair down.''

Robert Finch says the move also brings the possibility that the couple's baby son Archie could ``very well be Canadian,'' with a local accent to boot.

Finch says he expects many Canadians will be excited to have some regal glamour close to home, but disgruntled taxpayers might take issue with the prospect of footing the bill for Harry and Meghan's security.

He says questions remain about what public role the couple will take on in Canada and the longevity of their stay.