QuadNB: handful of individuals making majority of ATV riders look bad


QuadNB says a handful of individuals behaving poorly is making the group's nearly 25,000 members look bad.

President Roger Daigle assures the public QuadNB is listening and will continue to take action to address their concerns.

He says illegal actions of a small number of ATV operators are tarnishing the sport he says estimated to contribute an estimated $358 million a year to New Brunswick's economy.

Daigle says the organization has been working closely with several government departments in an effort to promote the safety and legal aspects of the province's 'Off-Road Vehicle Act', and has made numerous recommendations to increase Off-Road Vehicle Enforcement.

Daigle adds man operators are not members of their local club and are unfamiliar with the trail system or the rules they must follow.

He says agreements with land-owners, which allow for the connection of trails by crossing their property, are a privilege and need to be respected.

In most cases, Daigle says, it's the owners of an estimated 10,000 non-registered quads in New Brunswick creating the problems.