Some provinces yet to say when jail inmates to be vaccinated against COVID-19


A director at the Canadian Civil Liberties Association believes provinces should set targets for vaccinating inmates in provincial jails.
The Correctional Service of Canada has started vaccinations for federal prisoners who are older or considered ``medically vulnerable.''
But, as of last week, provinces had yet to start giving shots to inmates in provincial jails.
Abby Deshman with the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, says prisoners are disproportionately affect by health conditions that would make them very susceptible to serious illness and death as a result of COVID.
British Columbia, Ontario, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia said that, as of last week, prisoners and staff are scheduled for vaccination in the second round of inoculations, between next month and June.
Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec didn't provide a timeline.
Saskatchewan said the ranking of vulnerable groups is still to be determined.
The Northwest Territories and Yukon planned to start giving shots this week and the Nunavut government says it plans to start vaccinating prisoners and correctional staff in Iqaluit starting next Thursday.