Proposed building would add 166 rental units to Kitchener neighbourhood

An empty site near The Aud.

A new building proposed in Kitchener has residents of the area concerned.

The developer is asking the city to approve a six-storey apartment tower on Borden Avenue, near The Aud.

The main issues are traffic and congestion: the proposed site is only about a block from the auditorium, and traffic as it is around Kitchener Rangers games can be congested.

The site in question has been vacant for about 10 years. The proposed building would add 166 new rental units into the neighbourhood, boosting a very low number of new units.

The developer says that only 77 rental units have been created in that area of the city over the last five years.

Coun. Paul Singh says residents' concerns have been heard, but he says that adding to the housing supply is a top priority.

"These are dire and serious needs of the community, so we have to look at it comprehensively when we have new applications that come forward," he says.

"It needs to be a partnership with the development community that meets the needs of the housing demand that we are in right now."

Council decided to defer the motion, opting to speak with the developer again before any decisions are made.

They're hoping that the developer would consider a five-storey building, down from its original proposal of seven.

The proposed project will be discussed again at the council meeting on Feb. 24.