Seven-year-old from Kitchener helping out a good cause with t-shirt business

Crayons and creativity are fundamentals to Violet Kingsley’s small business.

The seven-year-old from Kitchener created Vee’s Tees just one week ago and has already sold over 50 t-shirts all designed by her.

“It started with family, but now we’re getting orders from people I don’t know,” said Avery Neff, Violet’s mom. “Right now her bedroom door says ‘bosses office: please knock.’

“I asked her what she wanted to donate to and she said people who fight coronavirus.”

A portion of the proceeds from Vee’s Tees are going to Region Ready, a join fund established to support Cambridge Memorial, St. Mary’s, and Grand River Hospitals.

“When you add up gifts of $5, $20, $100, and $1,000, they really add up,” said Paul McIntyre Royston of the Grand River Hospital Foundation. “I often call those impact gifts because if everyone in our community did that our healthcare challenges…would go away, so it truly is the spirit of philanthropy.”

Violet’s dad Kyle Kingsley says the project proves that schooling is sometimes larger than a homeschool classroom.

“Right now especially with the school system being closed, there’s a lot of math involved and there’s hands on creativity involved,” he said.

Violet hopes to sell enough t-shirts to donated $1,000 to the Region Ready campaign.