Azealia Banks Sparks Concern With Troubling Messages


Fans are concerned for Azealia Banks after the rapper-singer shared a series of disturbing Instagram Stories over the weekend.

“I’m gonna, like, start looking for voluntary euthanasia options,” she said in an audio message shared via Instagram Story on Sunday. “Because, you know, I don’t have any more defence. I don’t.

“Being ridiculed, having my ideas stolen, all that other s**t. I’d actually rather die a hero than some b***h that people continue to make fun of.”

The 29-year-old added: "I’m really just ready to go. I’m ready to go. But I’ve gotta get out of here. I’ve gotta get out of here.”

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Banks said she has been “screaming and shouting that I’ve been in trouble for a long time, and asking for help for a long time” and urged fans not to “just respond to me when I’m ready to go.”

On Saturday, Banks posted a series of troubling messages. “Yea, I think I’m done here,” she wrote. “This pandemic, extreme lack of social interaction, no intimacy, combined with constant public ridicule is making life harder than its (sic) worth.

“I think I will end my tenure here on earth soon.”

Banks added: “I’m not begging for attention or asking for sympathy/empathy. I’m just ready to go. Peacefully of course. I will document my last times and release a film for you all to finally understand me, From my perspective.

“My soul is tired. I’m ready to go.”

Banks asked people not to “bombard” her with messages. “I am not in pain. I am at peace.” She promised to “finish the projects I promised I would beforehand … with whatever strength Is left.”

In an audio message on Sunday, Banks said a friend did a welfare check on her. “I’m fine, I promise you, I’m fine. I’m not scared,” she said. “But my decisions is made. The decision is made, you know. I’m just gonna try to push through these next couple months.”

On Sunday evening, Banks wrote: “I just need to feel alive again. Creating is my lifeline 100%.”

Last week, Banks went on Instagram to share video showing her shaving her head. “All this stress energy and break-up energy,” she said. “I’m about to have my Britney Spears moment.”

If you or someone you know is considering suicide, click here to talk to someone who can help.