D.I.Y with Janel

  • Mini Christmas Tree

    It's time for another Christmas themed DIY! I think these mini Christmas trees would look great as a centerpiece!
  • Sock Gnome

    Let the Christmas DIYs begin! Today I'm sharing one of favourite DIYs from last year my sock Gnome--he's just so cute! It's an easy project--that you can even do with the kids!
  • Wall Art

    This week I did a request! I was able to replicate the decor that was sent to me in a picture for just $10! If you ever have any requests--let me know!
  • Hanging Planters

    I had to make some room in the apartment for the plants I took in from the patio--so I made some simple hanging planters!
  • Boho Wall Decor

    I'm back with another simple thrifted decor piece! This week I'll be teaching you some SIMPLE macrame! You can apply this simple knot to so many other macrame projects!
  • Shelf

    This is a simple thrit flip I did to give this shelf new life and a fun new look! This DIY would work GREAT with the cheap IKEA spice rack!
  • Pendant Light

    I made a pedant light out of pantyhose!! 😂 Here is the final reveal of the bedroom makeover I've been working on for the past couple weeks!
  • Accent Wall

    This week I'm showing you a super simple, quick, and cheap way to add a pop of colour and FUN to a room with an interesting accent wall! It cost me $5!
  • Wood Headboard

    I'm in the middle of doing a full makeover of our spare bedroom. I'll be showing you ALL the DIYs I put into the space! This week I made a super simple wood headboard with 2 bedside shelves!
  • Shoe Storage

    I did a little DIY overhaul of our front closet and made some shoe storage! All you need is a basic cube storage unit--and with this hack you can fit double the shoes!