APRIL: Autism Month

A little history of Autism Month
You have to go back to the 1970s to find a trace of the first month of autism. According to the Autism Society (Maryland), it was around this time that the first edition of Awareness Month was born in the United States. April has been autism month ever since.

How is Autism Month celebrated?
April 2: World Autism Awareness Day. Since December 2007, April 2 has been declared World Autism Awareness Day by the United Nations. Each year, we take this day to raise awareness among the general public of the needs of people with autism and their families.

Glow the region blue. Following the international 'Light It Up Blue' movement, initiated by Autism Speaks, the regions are lighting up famous landmarks in blue and people dressing in blue to raise awareness about autism.

Why in blue? Blue is a calming, soothing, comforting color. In addition, with autism being almost five times more common in boys (1 in 43 boys) than in girls (1 in 189 girls), blue symbolizes the prevalence of autism in boys.

The Walk for Autism. For more than 8 years, in the Chaleur region and other regions, families and friends have been mobilizing on the last Saturday of April and marching for autism. They take this opportunity to raise funds, do activities, get together, etc.

What can I do?
Get informed. Visit our website to learn more about autism, its causes, treatments and what we do. Read the testimonials of autistic people, their parents, friends, professionals. Be open-minded!

Share. Subscribe to our Facebook page and share the stories, articles, research that inspires you. Wear blue on April 2. Share our awareness materials at your workplace, in your favorite café, in your gym, etc.

Give. Give time to your regional association by becoming a volunteer. Make a donation to an association that you know.