Bathurst presents 2019 audited financial statements

City Hall

Bathurst is reporting a nearly a nearly $700,000 deficit for 2019.

The City presented its 2019 audited financial statements at a special public meeting on Friday.

The figures show a surplus of $28,834 in the City's 'General Fund', however a $721,775 deficit in the Utility Fund resulted in an overall deficit of $692,941.

Bathurst's mayor says the KC Irving Regional Centre's operational deficit continues to be a concern.

Operating the the facility in 2019 cost more than $472,000 more than the $1.1M dollar budget.

Mayor Paolo Fongemie says being the sole financial stakeholder for a regional multipurpose facility is a challenge for the centre's long-term growth and that a long-term solution needs to be found.

The city's police department had a little over $362,000 in additional expenses tied to a human resources shortage due to an arbitration process that wrapped up last year.

Fongemie says the shortage was an unexpected anomaly that the city had to absorb, but adds police administration did well in keeping the deficit as low as possible.

But the the financial situation wasn't completely 'doom and gloom'.

A milder winter resulted in snow removal operations finishing 2019 $125,213 under budget while Recreational Services managed to find $138,398 in savings.

As for the Utility Fund, the city says 'financial realignment was a factor in tallying the final numbers for Water and Sewer services.'

Until 208 those expenses were accounted for in the General.

The realignment process resulted in a $355, 356 transfer from the General to Utility fund which accounted for the final deficit tally of $721,755.